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The Hidden Pearl

About us:
This club is dedicated to the Danny Phantom Fanfiction author Pearl200084 and her wonderful stories such as Dawning of a Sun, Checkmate and many others. Our objective is to enjoy the Fanfics, share art about them, discuss and especulate possible events that may occur in one of them, with people that are willing to.
We are also dedicated to keep you informed about the updates of her stories and current works as well as the FanART or FanFiction about them.

How to Join:
Everybody is welcomed to join as long as they are Pearl200084's fans. You do not have to have art work from her stories to be able to join. This is an open group.

Note: Please keep in mind that joining is not the same as watching the group, you may watch us but you will not become a member until you press that Join Group button up there.

Group Rules:
:bulletorange: Please be polite to others, treat each other as Vlad and Desiree would in DoaS, not MLB!
:bulletorange: Please do not submit any adult art or Fanfic, we will only accept until T rated work, in Fanfiction terms.
:bulletorange: You are allowed to submit one Deviation per day. We do not want to fill your message box.
:bulletorange: If your DP work it's not related in any way towards the Fanfiction we adore or the author, please don't send it to us, we will accept only deviations related to Pearl's work.
:bulletorange: Ideas are always welcomed, whether it concerns contests, opinions and discussion about the fanfics, etc. We want to know what you think about the chapters! You are welcomed to join the chat room and take out that stress, the evil Vlad muse causes you!
:bulletorange: Please do not flame us, or declare hate towards this club, we will ignore you. So don't waste your time. Thank you.

:star: The Hidden Pearl's Chatroom :star:
This is the place where we Pearl-fans reunite our thoughts about each fanfic, ask questions to the author and make friends; we oftenly do so after a chapter update! Everyone is welcomed and keep an eye on our Group's Blog for the Chatroom sessions!

:new: Ask the Characters Program (AtCP) :new:
Each week we update a journal in which you will have the chance to ask different characters from Pearl's stories questions regarding the stories, their opinions and lives! Please keep in mind you must treat every character accordingly.
:star: AtCP rules:star:
:bulletgreen: Each week we will change characters and you can only ask your questions to a the character’s if it's his/her week!
:bulletgreen: You may ask your questions through this journal and Pearl200084 will reply to you :) This is so everyone can see it and people avoid repeating an already asked question.
:bulletgreen: You are allowed to draw the answers Pearl gives you if it’s not a spoiler! (This may turn into a contest in the future ;))
:bulletgreen: At the moment we are not giving limits to the number of questions, but if they become too many then we will limit it to three per person.
:bulletgreen: You have to be a member of the group to ask the questions!
:bulletgreen: HAVE FUN!

:new: Chappie Discussion Board :new:
After every fanfic update The-Hidden-Pearl will put up a journal in which you may discuss the chapter's events with other memebers of our group! The objective of this board is to get to know the each other and our opinions and predictions about a fanfiction if you're not able to make it to the chatroom sessions! :D

:star:Pearl200084's Fanfics::star:

:bulletgreen: Endgame (Work in Progress)

:bulletgreen: Dawning of a Sun (Work in Progress)

:bulletgreen: Checkmate (Completed)

:bulletgreen: Seeing is disBelieving (Completed) Co-written with truephan

:bulletgreen: My Little Badger (Completed)
Story's Summary: After a rash move, Danny finds himself with a very peeved Vlad Masters who quickly decides to teach his young rival a lesson in respect by the only way he knows how: Humiliation. In what Vlad believes to be a well calculated revenge scheme, the fiery teenager soon finds himself to be a fiery badger! Vlad however soon realizes his decision was as rash as Danny's, leading them both to a lesson in karma.

:bulletgreen: My Last Lesson from you (Completed)
Story's Summary: What were Danny's thoughts to all that was left unsaid at the end of Phantom Planet? What can a hero learn from the destruction of his arch-enemy? One-shot tied to Checkmate. Danny's PoV.

:bulletgreen: Photographs (Completed)
Story's Summary: Long One shot. Maddie and Danny bonding.

:bulletgreen: Fate's Lesson (Completed)

:bulletgreen: A Son for Christmas (Completed)
Story's Summary: Christmas Oneshot. Danny and Vlad bonding.

:bulletgreen: Thanksgiving Showdown (Completed)

:star:Important Notice:star:
Visit Pearl's Fanfiction page for future works' information:

Last but not least important, enjoy your stay! And Welcome to our group!


We accept all kind of Affiliates! But it would be better if it has to do with Fanfiction and Danny Phantom! Thank you!


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Hello to all!

I wanted to make this announcement with my next update, but the update has been delayed due to life. I've been very busy this past month; and now this month I have some church activities coming up. And if that's not enough, I've been dealing with some family situations. So, yeah. Just hectic summer.

Anyways! Since my next update will probably be at least two weeks away, I decided to just post this entry.

My dear friend and beta Truephan has made a one-shot called, 'Ream of Nightmares'. It is about Skulker being sent to the Realm of Nightmare by Fright Knight in Endgame. If you are curious about our hunter friend's fate, then I highly recommend checking out this oneshot, and please let Truephan know what you think! After all, EG and DoaS would not be what they are without her. And she's an amazing writer! So, please go read. Very well worth it in my opinion!

Well, I hope the next time I see you all, it will be in the next chapter of DoaS! Until then!


Story link below:…
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DinaP24 Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2015
Anyone interested in starting a list of theme songs for Dawning of a Sun and Seeing is disBelieving?  like what the group DP-Checkmate did for Checkmate, My Last Lesson From You and Endgame. 
Pearl200084 Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2015
That would be fun. :) I will announce it in my next update to see if anyone is interested. At least for Doas since it is still ongoing
BbBee Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2015  Student General Artist
Just out of curiosity when can we roughly expect an update for DoaS? Its an amazing story
Pearl200084 Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2015
I hope I'll update sometime this month. I have been busy with some work and church activities, so I have not been able to sit down and finish the next chapter. But it will get done! :D
vivacartoon Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2015
I'm currently reading dawning of a sun but is it finished so I can enjoy reading it. I'm even planning to print it as a book. Is it worth to read?
dgLari Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi there! DoaS hasn't been finished yet but it is worth the read! A really well crafted and thought piece! You can check out the trailer if you wanna know what's it about!
vivacartoon Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2015
I did actually. I just was asking cz i hate getting into a story and then see that it's not finished.
Pearl200084 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2015
Well, I am still working on it. I have every intention to finish it like all my other stories...

Is it worth reading...

Well, I'll let others answer that question.
vivacartoon Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2015
Well it's a really good story,u have to finish it. People are wanting u too also it's a story that doesn't deserve to be not finished. I've really enjoyed reading it but pls try to finish it.
Pearl200084 Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2015
Glad to hear you're enjoying it. I am currently working on my other story Endgame; so I won't have another chapter of DoaS for a few more weeks. But yes, I am still working on it, and will update as soon as I can. ;)
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